On SAGE Insight: Revealing the dangers of being a gay activist in one of the most murderous countries in the world: Honduras, 215 LGBT people killed in 7 years

Article title: Rainbow warriors Attacks and killings of LGBT activists in Honduras

From Index on Censorship

This report exposes how many LGBT activists in Honduras risk torture, prison and assassination. Utilising data collected by on-the-ground NGOs, it delves into some shocking statistics:

–       215 LGBT people were murdered in Honduras between 2009 and 2015
–       37 deaths occurred in 2015 alone

Of the 235 murders of LGBT people since 1994, only 48 cases (20%) have gone to court. The violence rocketed after the country’s 2009 coup, but the crimes are being largely overlooked, both within the country and internationally.

Peter Tatchell, London-based LGBT campaigner, has called for the world to pay more attention to the killings. He told Index on Censorship: “This extensive, shocking mob violence against LGBT Hondurans is almost unreported in the rest of the world. The big international LGBT organisations tend to focus on better-known homophobic repression in countries like Egypt, Russia, Iran and Uganda. What’s happening in Honduras is many times worse.”

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Article details
Duncan Tucker
Rainbow warriors: Attacks and killings of LGBT activists in Honduras
Index on Censorship April 2016 45: 72-75, doi:10.1177/0306422016643026



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