Special issue: Doing Feminism: Event, Archive, Techne’

Guest editors: Carrie A. Rentschler and Samantha C. Thrift

From Feminist Theory

This special issue of Feminist Theory focuses on the central role that media techné plays in feminist practices. Specifically, three key dimensions of contemporary feminist media practices are conceptualised and analysed: feminist media events, feminist archives in both print and digital form, and the technical practices and practical knowledge feminists come to learn and associate with as they ‘do feminism’ using a range of media outlets. Such methods of ‘doing feminism’ may not resemble traditional social movement activism, but they are crucial to the composition of the feminist movement and its associated ideologies. By utilising a variety of media practices, feminists construct cultural, affective and technological frameworks through which they are able to develop and distribute resources, ideas and knowledge.

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Carrie A. Rentschler and Samantha C. Thrift\
Doing feminism: Event, archive, techné
Feminist Theory December 2015 16: 239-249, first published on October 1, 2015 doi:10.1177/1464700115604138



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