Life with Murdoch

From British Journalism Review

An account by Les Hinton, Rupert Murdoch’s longest-serving lieutenant, of the career, rise, and accomplishments of Murdoch.


And yet – although his record on this is not perfect – the majority of people he employs love working for him. He imbues his companies with a    fantastic sense of possibility and gets big results. He has overthrown giants on three continents to become the biggest giant of all. Warts and all, Murdoch is an authentic colossus and his own kind of revolutionary. One day, when his enemies have gone and taken away their wounds and blind fury, a new generation of chroniclers will come along to rethink his history. Perhaps they’ll give him a break.  Read more…

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Article details
Les Hinton
Life with Murdoch
British Journalism Review September 2015 26: 18-23, doi:10.1177/0956474815604292

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