Free expression of refugees

Special report: Across the Wires

From Index on Censorship

In this issue’s special report Across the Wires, the writers and artists examine the threats of free expression within refugee camps, and as refugees desperately flee from persecution. The UN estimates that there are 15.5 million refugees in the world today. Some are forced to live in camps for decades, others are fleeing from new conflicts, such as three million who have already left Syria. Some of the authors in this issue speak from personal experience of seeking refuge, not speaking the language of the land they are forced to move to, and the steps they go through to resettle and be accepted in another land. The report also examines how the global media portrays refugee stories, the accuracy of those portrayals and how projects such as a new Syrian soap opera, partly written by a refugee, are giving asylum seekers and camp dwellers more power to tell the stories themselves.

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