Is sport above human rights?

Issue: Sport on trial

From Index on Censorship

Should Syrian delegates be allowed to attend the London Olympics? Should high-profile sporting events take place in countries where free expression is repeatedly crushed? As sport and politics collide, this issue of Index on Censorship, Sport on Trial, asks: is sport above human rights?

Award-winning journalist and author Mihir Bose asks whether sporting events should be held in countries with repressive regimes. Stephen Escritt and Martin Polley investigate London 2012’s attempt to privatise the Games with threats of legal action against small businesses that use the word Olympics. Corinna Ferguson examines new threats to the right to protest and asks whether the Games are being used to roll out intrusive powers.

Also in this issue, Malu Halasa interviews Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat, who was awarded an Index Freedom of Expression Award earlier this year. Plus Salil Tripathi on censorship at literary festivals and reports on press freedom from Hungary, Dagestan and Mexico.

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