Privacy and the press: An impressive collection of articles plus a recording of the notable Index privacy debate

In a piece recently featured on SAGE Insight, we highlight again this timely Index on Censorship issue on privacy, and in addition we draw your attention to the recent  impressive debate organized by Index; you can now  listen to the recording.

Index privacy debate: Replay
Max Mosley, Hugh Tomlinson QC, Suzanne Moore and David Price QC debated privacy, free speech and a feral press at Index on Censorship’s event at the London School of Economics held on 30 Jun 2011 chaired by Index editor Jo Glanville. The event was sponsored by SAGE.
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Privacy is dead: Time to name and shame professional privacy invaders
From Index on Censorship

There is confusion at the heart of British debates about privacy. We tend to speak of journalists, of their role, their rights, their responsibilities and very often their lack of restraint and how it should be addressed. This article highlights how this is misleading, we need to recognize two different groups. One group is the actual journalists, as traditionally understood, and the other is those people whose principal professional activity is invading other people’s privacy for the purpose of publication. Journalism is demonstrably valuable to society, invading people’s privacy for the purpose of publication does not do good, though it may make money. In that industry, deception and payment for information are routine, not exceptional.

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This article is from the June 2011 issue of Index on Censorship that explores ‘privacy’ and offers an impressive collection of articles and interviews,
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Journalists are being tarnished by the activities of professional privacy invaders. It is time they were renamed and shamed, argues Brian Cathcart

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Brian Cathcart (2011). Code breakers Index on Censorship, 40 (2) DOI: 10.1177/0306422011410013

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