On SAGE Insight: Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Experience

From Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective

Social media (SM), one of the innovations of the Internet, revolutionized our way of life with chat-based applications, blogging forums and websites, communication networks, social gaming networks and social networks. People use SM for entertainment, social networking and professional networking. The SM also provides marketers with an effective mechanism for promoting their business and in interaction with their customers. Information communicated through SM has an influence on opinions, awareness, information searching and decision-making. Thus, it can have an impact on company’s reputation, sales and even survival. Social media marketing (SMM) helps organizations to build relationships with customers through personal channels of networking and interactivity. Marketing managers are actively focusing on the brand experiences because consumers want a memorable experience which includes pleasing interaction at every brand contact.

Brand experiences create memorable interactions between a brand and the consumer. Most of the brands are using SM to enhance their presence online and create memorable experiences for consumers. Marketing communication is an important stimulus that forms brand experience. Facebook is one of the SM networking websites which provides an interactive platform for free flow of information between consumers and marketers. It allows users to search for and add people to their accounts; follow brands, celebrities and other areas of interest online; create and share multimedia content; create promotional page for a business or join a social group online.

Due to growing importance and vast reach of SM, it also becomes imperative to study its impact on brand experience. The article from Vision presents SMM through Facebook, because it is the most popular SM platform with highest number of users. It provides marketing activities carried out by business organizations on virtual networks and the influence of SMM on the brand experience through brand’s Facebook page.


Social media (SM) is an important and emerging area of research, which is of interest to marketers and academicians. Researchers have been studying the impact of social media marketing (SMM) on dimensions such as consumer-based brand equity, purchase intentions, attitudes and others. However, there are insignificant number of studies that have investigated the influence of SMM on brand experience. In this study, content sharing and interaction have been identified as two important marketing activities carried out by organizations in virtual communities. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to investigate the impact of content sharing and interaction on four dimensions of brand experience (sensory, affective, behavioural and intellectual). A mall-intercept survey was used to collect the data and 300 respondents were targeted, which resulted in 205 complete responses. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was run on independent and dependent variables, which was followed by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to validate the scale. The measurement scale was found to be reliable as well as valid. To test the hypothesis, structural equation modelling (SEM) was used and eight hypotheses were tested. The results showed that the content sharing and interaction have a positive significant impact on sensory, affective, behavioural and intellectual experiences.

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Article details

The impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Experience: A Study of Select Apparel Brands on Facebook
Faseeh Amin Beig, Mohammad Furqan Khan
First Published July 25, 2018 Research Article 
DOI: 10.1177/0972262918785962
From Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective

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