On SAGE Insight: Special Issue: Managerial Values and Organizational Identities in the Developing World

Guest Editors: Anirvan Pant and Abhoy K.Ojha

From Journal of Human Values

Managerial values are abstract ideals that act as guiding principles for managing enterprises. Organizational identities connote the central, enduring, and distinctive features of an organization’s self-definition. There is a need to examine how and which managerial values are acted upon within developing country enterprises and how these values are reflected, projected, or disguised in the organizational identities of these enterprises.

The articles in the special issue speaks how managerial values and organizational identities shape the behaviors, practices, actions and strategies of managers in developing world enterprises. These articles—written by scholars affiliated to management departments as well as to humanities and social sciences departments—invite us to consider the interplay of managerial values and organizational identities by drawing attention to a variety of intersecting themes of interest, including dual identities, critical thinking, corruption, workplace spirituality, authentic leadership and the organizational self in the context of developing world enterprises.

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Article details
Managerial Values and Organizational Identities in the Developing World: An Introduction to the Special Issue
Anirvan Pant, Abhoy K. Ojha
First Published January 3, 2017
Journal of Human Values
DOI: 10.1177/0971685816677441





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