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Article title: Malicious
 practice of fake reviews: Experimental insight into the potential of contextual indicators in assisting consumers to detect deceptive opinion spam

From Recherche et Applications en Marketing 

The Academic Prize for Management Research (Prix Académique de la Recherche en Management) is dedicated to promote the exchange between academic research, business practice and consulting in the different fields of management.The prize is awarded by Consult’in France (a union representing management consulting firms in France) and is supported by the French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE).

On April 14th 2016, in its 8th edition, the prize for the best paper in the category marketing was awarded to the paper “Attention aux faux avis!” (The Malicious Practice of Fake Reviews)  by Andreas Munzel, published in Recherche et Applications en Marketing (RAM). The research conceptually discusses and experimentally assesses potential cues for Internet users to detect bogus online reviews. The jury applauded the research’s topicality, rigor, and relevance as digital marketing bears huge potential for working professionals, but marketers need to steer clear of malicious practices such as deceptive online reviews.


Consumers often rely on experiences from other individuals shared online when making purchase decisions; however, the trustworthiness of consumers’ online opinions is jeopardized by fake reviews. Three experimental studies were conducted that included different potential detection support mechanisms to identify fake reviews. The results show that a self-protection prime and two of the three tested detection support mechanisms affect the source’s trustworthiness. This research contributes to the field of online interactions by highlighting the potential of contextual – instead of textual – indicators, such as third-party labels and social proof, which assist Internet users in their efforts to detect fake reviews.

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Article details
Andreas Munzel
Malicious practice of fake reviews: Experimental insight into the potential of contextual indicators in assisting consumers to detect deceptive opinion spam
Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition) December 2015 30: 24-50, first published on November 5, 2015 doi:10.1177/2051570715604155

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