Emotional intelligence and employee creativity: Moderating role of proactive personality and organizational climate

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Employee creativity plays a significant role in modern work organization to keep the organization current and growing. Creativity is required in almost all kinds of organizations. Organizations need creative employees to learn and adapt to the fast changing situations. Its very complex phenomenon and sets of individual and contextual factors influences it. Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be a major source of employee creativity. EI is conceptualized as an important predictor for success at work and key for successful job performance.

In this article proactive personality (PP) and organizational climate has taken as an explanatory mechanism to understand the relationship between the EI and employee creativity. It is assumed that PP and organizational climate moderate the influence of EI on employee creativity. Organization can think of hiring employees of proactive nature along with the good level of EI. Organization can enhance their employee creativity by providing training and can, thus, harness its benefits in terms of increased individual and organizational performance. EI is the ability, which can be developed through training. Organizations should also think about creating a climate that facilitates employees to use their EI, which in turn may positively affect their creativity level. Theoretically, the study will extend contribution and enrich the literature of creativity from EI perspective.


This study examined the relationships between emotional intelligence and employee creativity and specifically the moderating role of proactive personality and organizational climate in emotional intelligence—employee creativity relationship. The study was conducted on 250 full-time employees working at different levels from two public sector organizations in Bhutan. Hierarchical regression analyses were used to test hypotheses of the study. Results revealed the positive and significant relationship between emotional intelligence and creativity. Moderated regression analyses revealed that employee’s proactive personality and organizational climate both influenced the relationship between emotional intelligence and employee creativity. Specifically, emotional intelligence exhibited the highest employee creativity when employee showed more proactive personality and when organizational climate were favorable for creativity. Decisively, the implications of the study have been explicated in the research.

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Md. Hassan Jafri, Chimi Dem, and Sonam Choden
Emotional Intelligence and Employee Creativity: Moderating Role of Proactive Personality and Organizational Climate
Business Perspectives and Research January 2016 4: 54-66, doi:10.1177/2278533715605435



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