So!apbox editorial essays exploring the boundaries of strategic organization: 10th anniversary issue of SO!

10th anniversary So!apbox special issue

From Strategic Organization

The 10th anniversary of Strategic Organization marks a critical transition as a new editorial team takes over and the journal has solidified its position in the community. This special issue acknowledges the creation of the So!apbox editorial essays. These essays have always played an important role in providing a balance to the rigor of standard paper submissions and achieving the mission of integration. These essays release authors from the conservatism that defines the traditional review process and encourages them to explore the boundaries of the field and to pose important challenges that advance the field in ways that a traditional article cannot easily accomplish. Over the last 10 years, these essays have been among the most impactful pieces that SO! has published.

The 15 new essays in this anniversary issue authored by one or more members of SO!’s editorial board. In the tradition of prior essays, these clearly chart new waters in the field of strategic organization. They offer thoughtful, informed reflection on interdisciplinary bridges, research topics and directions, and methodological issues that they feel are critical to the further development of Strategic Organization – the journal and the field.

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Russ Coff, Ann Langley and Tim Rowley (2012). Tenth anniversary So!apbox special issue: Editorial introduction Strategic Organization, 10 (3) : 10.1177/1476127012454703

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