Ignore Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the rest, to your detriment: the importance of social media

Be where the conversations are: the critical importance of social media

From Business Information Review

It has become clear that the website is no longer the most important single online source of information. It is now vital that we pay attention to social media conversations.  People and companies have a presence in a wider variety of places with the increase of social media. Therefore the question really is ‘how do we engage with social media’ rather than ‘should we engage with social media’. The author of this article argues that the first step is to change the organizational mindset as reputation is no longer based on what we know, but on the extent to which we can freely make it available. The conversations will continue to take place whether we engage with social media or not. The author suggests that social media and Web 2.0 tools need to be understood, embraced, and utilized to the benefit of the organization.



Your personal or organizational website is no longer the single source of information available online. It is now vital that we pay attention to the increasing availability and use of social media. We must at least be listening to the conversations that are happening across all social media. Ideally however, we should be engaging in these conversations. This article considers how social media have become important for businesses and suggests easy ways in which we can become involved.

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Bradley, P. (2011). Be where the conversations are: The critical importance of social media Business Information Review, 27 (4), 248-252 DOI: 10.1177/0266382110390976

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