On SAGE Insight: State of Urgency: The Humanities in South Africa

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From Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

For just over 20 years after the formal dismantling of apartheid embodied in the adoption of South Africa’s new Constitution, what we are witnessing is a living on of the past, a startled recognition that the past is not even past. For the structural persistence of forms of racialized inequality at every level of society and of the economy is now becoming increasingly expressed and articulated in and through the deeply polarising debates around higher education which are largely taking place within the humanities

This persistence of the past, combined with the dictates of a national higher education policy cloned from a global template indifferent or even hostile to the humanities and the qualitative social sciences, exerts both globally familiar and locally specific pressures on the possibilities and potentials for humanist study and critical reflection. Read more…

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Article details
State of urgency
John Higgins, Peter Vale
Arts & Humanities in Higher Education
2016, Vol. 15(1) 3–6
DOI: 10.1177/1474022215618512



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