In search of a better life: record highs of International migration

Special Issue: Immigration

From International Journal of Comparative Sociology

International migration has reached a record high with ever-growing numbers of immigrants, labor migrants and asylum seekers leaving their homelands in search of better employment opportunities, higher economic rewards, safer political conditions and improved living standards. This special issue addresses two major aspects of immigration: immigrants in the labor market and public reac­tion to immigration.


The findings illustrate, rather clearly, the ways that economic behavior and economic success of immigrants, on the one hand, and attitudes and public reaction toward immigrants, on the other hand, are influenced not only by individual-level characteristics of the immigrants and of the local populations but also by structural characteristics of host societies.



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Special Issue: Immigration
Edited by: Anastasia Gorodzeisky and Moshe Semyonov
February 2011; 52 (1-2)           
International Journal of Comparative Sociology

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