International Relations best blogs 2017 revealed

At the 2017 Duckies Awards last night, held at the International Studies Association’s (ISA) annual conference, the best blogs in International Relations were revealed! More formally known as the International Studies Association’s (ISA) Online Media Caucus Awards, the awards revealed … Continue reading

Whose Work Most Influenced You? A Social Science Bites Retrospective

This post originally appeared on Social Science Space February 2017  Which piece of social science research has most inspired or most influenced you? This question has been posed to every interview in the Social Science Bites podcast series, but never … Continue reading

7 types of data that experts would like to see in the future

While there is more data available at our fingertips today than ever before, the future promises to bring even more information into our reach. But what kind of data will it be, and what new doors will it open? As part of our Love Your Data Week 2017 celebration, … Continue reading

Free Webinar: Learn how to increase the impact of your research with Kudos

Do you want to increase downloads and citations of your articles? To help our authors make the most of Kudos, a service designed specifically to help researchers maximize the visibility of their work, we are running a series of webinars next … Continue reading

New Social Science Bites podcast: Michelle Baddeley on the Herd

Originally posted on Social Science Space, February 2017  Human beings are social animals, notes economist Michelle Baddeley, and as such the instinct to herd is hardwired into us. And so while this has changed from (in most cases) physically clumping … Continue reading

Celebrating 40 years of Little Green Books

To celebrate 40 years of Little Green Books, we recently held our QASS 40th Anniversary Contest where we asked you to submit photos answering the question What have the little green books meant to you? We are thrilled to announce ours … Continue reading

8 posts on academic books

Kicking off Academic Book Week 2017, we’ve delved into SAGE Connection’s archives to take you on a journey of how the academic text has changed since we started SAGE Connection eight years ago. And what changes there have been, from challenging … Continue reading

What are the political ramifications of globalization? 

How has globalization developed over the past 30 years? What are its political implications? In this year’s University of Essex Government Regius lecture, “The Politics of Globalization: The World Economy and Domestic Politics,” Helen Milner, the B. C. Forbes Professor … Continue reading

New cloud tool allows authors to annotate article proofs online

The process from article acceptance to publication can, at times, feel drawn out and lengthy. In an effort to speed up turnaround times and support our authors and editors through the publication process, SAGE Publishing has teamed up with our … Continue reading

New Social Science Bites Podcast: Sandy Pentland on Social Physics

Originally appeared on Social Science Space, January 2017  For Alex “Sandy” Pentland, one of the best-known and widely cited computational social scientists in the world, these are halcyon days for his field.  One of the creators of the MIT Media Lab … Continue reading

SAGE Connection's Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016

SAGE Connection's top 10 most-visited blog posts of this year are in and the insights they include range from classroom tips to environmental sustainability to research methods to big data. From timeless tips from 2012 to recent event coverage, read through the … Continue reading

Blogs that change the world: The Duckies 2017 open for nominations

In recent times, blogs have provided platforms used to challenge contemporary thought, express new ideas, and even allow its authors to publish anonymously in countries where speech is censored. In these current turbulent political times, the study and discussion of … Continue reading

Little Green Books Contest—win 40 Little Green Books!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of SAGE's Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences (QASS) Series, known as Little Green Books, we’re offering the chance to win 40 Little Green Books for your students, library, or personal research. From now until … Continue reading

What is scholarly research saying 5 months after Brexit?

In the wake of one of the most significant democratic decisions of the last decade, scholarly research is more important than ever in providing expert insights, in-depth observations, and nuanced perspectives. Exactly five months on, SAGE Publishing is providing free … Continue reading

“Survey Tips for Librarians” webinar recording and slides Earlier this month, we held the webinar Survey Tips for Librarians with survey research expert and University of British Columbia professor Lesley Andres. Sharing her top tips on creating and deploying effective surveys, Lesley explained how librarians can use surveys … Continue reading