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On SAGE Insight: Data governance, data literacy and the management of data quality

From IFLA Journal Data intensive science, coupled with mandates for data management plans and open data from research funders, has led to a growing emphasis on research data management both in academia and in academic libraries. The role of the … Continue reading

5 Free resources to help you embrace your data

Continuing our support of Love Your Data Week, we’re pleased to share with you five freely available resources from SAGE Research Methods, our methods library containing books, reference works, journal articles, case studies, data sets, and a video collection on … Continue reading

16 Reads that will make you love your data even more

To help spread awareness of good data-keeping practices, we’re thrilled to be an official participant of Love Your Data Week (February 13-17, 2017), an annual international event created to foster conversation and build awareness for quality research data management. This week we’ll be … Continue reading

Case In Point: A For-Profit Model for Social Entrepreneurship

Is it possible for social entrepreneurs to improve the lives of others and make a profit? For Sanergy, a startup dedicated to making hygienic sanitation accessible, affordable, and prosperous for those in developing countries, the answer seems to be yes. … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Twitter Research (It Ain’t Black and White)

In the age of social media, Twitter provides unprecedented opportunities for social researchers to listen to millions of voices, observe millions of interactions and gain new insights in our social world. This has implications for research practices, policy decisions and … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Psychological Distress Among Older Prisoners

Article title: Psychological Distress Among Older Prisoners: Associations With Health, Health Care Utilization, and the Prison Environment From Journal of Correctional Health Care Physical and functional health issues among older prisoners may be difficult to address in an environment designed for … Continue reading

Free Webinar: Learn how to increase the impact of your research with Kudos

Do you want to increase downloads and citations of your articles? To help our authors make the most of Kudos, a service designed specifically to help researchers maximize the visibility of their work, we are running a series of webinars next … Continue reading

Where is the academic book now?

At the end of January, SAGE Publishing celebrated Academic Book Week, hosting a range of content on SAGE Connection/ Insight that challenged the existing preconceptions about the role, value and modern day use of academic texts. All of this content got … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Population geography I: Human trafficking

From Progress in Human Geography This first report explores how understandings of human trafficking have progressed within population Geography. Migration studies have been intensified within human geography by the so-called ‘migration crisis’ sparking countless recent discussions of smuggling, asylum seeking, … Continue reading

How the Social & Behavioral Sciences Get Funded in the US: an Infographic

This is an edited version of a blog post from Social Science Space that was reposted here with permission. Donald Trump’s victory of the White House along with Republicans holding onto control of both houses of Congress has left many … Continue reading

Shortlist for the Duckies 2017 revealed

We’re delighted to share the news that the shortlist for the Duckies, more formally known as the International Studies Association’s (ISA) Online Media Caucus Awards, 2017 has been announced! Celebrating online achievement in International Studies, the Duckies, sponsored by SAGE Publishing … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Researchers outline new policies for earlier detection of autism in children

Article title: Optimizing Outcome in Autism Spectrum Disorders From Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences The earlier that autism is diagnosed and treated in children, the better outcomes they will experience for future relationships and careers. However, most … Continue reading

Watching Chinese Citizens Get Around Censorship

One of political scientist Gary King’s interests is the study of censorship in China. This involves several moving parts, including how the central government can keep tabs on a population well over a billion strong, and how that same population … Continue reading

Free webinar- Social Science in the Age of Trump: What We'd Like to See

What will a new president and a newly convened Congress mean for U.S. government funding for social science? What should – or can – researchers, students, teachers and the public do to ensure that social and behavioral science is well … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Special Issue: Representing social science in national-security-related modeling and simulation

Guest Editors: Paul K Davis , and Angela O’Mahony From The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation For some years, US defense officials have admonished the modeling and simulation (M&S) community to go beyond modeling military “kinetics” to address complex … Continue reading