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Professional women’s dilemma between work and family

Article title: Professional women’s dilemma between work and family: an examination of the ADVANCE program From Gender Technology and Development While women have made progress in recent years, the proportion of women receiving degrees in the sciences and engineering in the … Continue reading

What motivates females and males to pursue careers in mathematics and science?

From International Journal of Behavioral Development Although the gender gap in math and science course-taking and performance in many countries has narrowed in recent decades, females continue to be underrepresented in mathematics, physical, engineering, and computer sciences (MPECS). Drawing on … Continue reading

Technology Extends Learning and Engagement Outside of the Classroom

By Cynthia Nalevanko, Editor, Management INK, SAGE This piece was originally posted in Management INK, a blog highlighting top scholarship and catering to academics, researchers and practitioners in the Management and Business fields. [We’re pleased to welcome Gavin Northey of University of … Continue reading

Special Issue: Policies of “Modernization” in European Education: Enactments and Consequences

Guest editors: Palle Rasmussen, Anne Larson, Linda Rönnberg and Anna Tsatsaroni From European Educational Research Journal This special issue presents empirically and theoretically informed accounts from education policy research carried out in a number of national contexts within Europe. The … Continue reading

What leads to the local adoption and implementation of recreational marijuana policies?

Article title: Managing a Policy Experiment: Adopting and Implementing Recreational Marijuana Policies in Colorado From State and Local Government Review  When states move to legalize marijuana, local governments are faced with enacting — or in some cases restricting — the … Continue reading

Connecting with the Community: Bronwyn Cross-Denny on Reducing Research Anxiety for Students

By Carrie Montoya, Senior Editorial Assistant, SAGE Last week, we published an interview with Vincent Guilamo-Ramos who, along with his team, were one of two recipients of the SAGE/CSWE 2015 Award for Innovative Teaching in Social Work Education.  We are delighted … Continue reading

Teenage perceptions of electronic cigarettes in tobacco-education school interventions

Article title: Teenage perceptions of electronic cigarettes in Scottish tobacco-education school interventions: co-production and innovative engagement through a pop-up radio project From Perspectives in Public Health The United Kingdom e-cigarette market began with an array of small independent companies competing … Continue reading

New Social Science Bites Podcast: Ted Cantle on Segregation

The concept of “community cohesion” rose to prominence in the detritus of Bradford and Harehills, Burnley and Oldham, Northern English towns where 14 years ago rioting broke out between Asian and white communities. Called on by the Home Office to … Continue reading

Free resources for International Education Week - Could you study abroad?

Studying abroad has long been a tradition within education, seen by many as a way for students to broaden and enrich scholarly experience. This week is International Education Week (November 16-20), an important opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international … Continue reading

Connecting with the Community: Vincent Guilamo-Ramos on Educating Social Work Students for International Practice

By Carrie Montoya, Senior Editorial Assistant, SAGE In honor of International Education Week, a time to celebrate the benefits of studying abroad and the familiarization of American students with the global environment, we’re pleased to share this interview with professor … Continue reading

Unplugging the Milgram Machine: A contribution to the study of obedience

Special Issue From Theory & Psychology This issue of Theory & Psychology is devoted to Stanley Milgram and his contribution to the study of obedience. It presents a decidedly critical evaluation of these well-known experiments that challenges their relevance to … Continue reading

Services insufficient in supporting those affected by FASD

Article title: Prenatal exposure to alcohol causes enduring brain damage From Adoption & Fostering   There is an urgent need to do more to recognize prenatal alcohol exposure at an early stage and to integrate better pathways for diagnosis, assessment … Continue reading

What’s the best crime or prison film ever made? Tell us for a chance to win a free copy of Media & Crime 3e

“The crime film is arguably the most enduring of all cinematic genres” says Yvonne Jewkes in the latest edition of her best-selling book Media & Crime. And to put this to the test we want to know your favourite! Tweet … Continue reading

What do social scientists think the world will look like in 2065?

Earlier this week SAGE were delighted to be partnered with the ESRC to announce the shortlist and the winner for the newly launched, “The World in 2065 Awards’. More on the awards can be read here. Set against the backdrop … Continue reading

“Teaching Educational Research Methods: Making it Real & Relevant for Students” webinar slides and extended Q&A

Last week, we held a webinar with professor Craig Mertler of Arizona State University, entitled, “Teaching Educational Research Methods: Making it Real & Relevant for Students.” In this webinar, Craig shared his strategies for teaching difficult parts of the educational … Continue reading