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Gay and lesbian job seekers face discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination in the United Kingdom’s labour market: A field experiment From Human Relations This study shows that discrimination of gay and lesbian job seekers is commonplace within both private firms and the public sector in the UK. The … Continue reading

RX for Academic Publishing

By Lettie Conrad, Executive Manager of Product Analysis at SAGE. The experience of end users has received a great deal of attention from libraries and publishers in the last few years, with the understanding that knowledge of the user experience … Continue reading

SAGE Stats is a SIIA CODiE Awards Finalist!

We are delighted that SAGE Stats is a finalist for a Content CODiE Award by SIIA! Nominated in the Best General Research category, SAGE Stats helps social science researchers access an abundance of demographic data. With numerous data sets and … Continue reading

Emerging trend: depression in patients on cardiology wards: selection of free articles

Depression can happen to anyone. It affects many people; men and women, both young and old, for a host of different reasons. Sometimes there is a trigger: life-changing events, such as childbirth, financial difficulties, job problems, bullying, bereavement, social isolation, … Continue reading

Meeting the Realities of Discoverability Head-on!

  By, Lettie Conrad, Executive Manager of Product Analysis at SAGE. In their latest issue brief, published March 26, 2015, ITHAKA S+R present some very poignant conclusions about the researcher experience in the discovery and usage of scholarly publication. Roger … Continue reading

SAGE Business Researcher: The new way to research contemporary business issues

SAGE Business Researcher, an online publication designed for undergraduate and graduate business students, debuted in March 2015. As researchers know, students can be overwhelmed by their first encounters with sophisticated research literature and the vast array of business periodicals available. … Continue reading

What happened at The London Book Fair 2015?

 - Copyright Clearance Center Open Access Panel with SAGE’s David Ross This year’s London Book Fair was a hub of activity, firstly generated by the move to Olympia, secondly by the feverous conversations about the market –how to sell/ what … Continue reading

“Topnotch tools and tips” webinar recording with extra wisdom from Gary Price

  In our most recent webinar,"Topnotch tools, tips, and tricks for library success," infoDOCKET editor Gary Price discussed some of his favorite online resources. The recorded webinar is available above and the slides are located at the bottom of this … Continue reading

SAGE wins International Academic and Professional Publisher Award at the London Book Fair!

We are delighted to announce that SAGE has won the coveted International Academic and Professional Publisher Award presented at Tuesday’s London Book Fair International Excellence Awards, in association with The Publishers Associations! We are overjoyed to have been acknowledged in … Continue reading

“What are your greatest library challenges in today’s digital age?” Part II

Continuing our National Library Week celebration and blog post on library challenges in the digital age, Part II brings us even more inspirational responses from library leaders around the world. In this installment, Courtney Greene McDonald, Jacqueline Beattie, Beth Ashmore … Continue reading

“What are your greatest library challenges in today’s digital age?” Part I

In honor of National Library Week, we posed this question to a number of library leaders nation-wide who were more than happy to share their strategies and solutions. To start off this two-part blog post, we’re sharing some of their … Continue reading

Modeling and simulation of explosion effectiveness: Implications for emergency response and counter terrorism

Modeling and simulation of explosion: Effectiveness as a function of blast and crowd characteristics From Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation: Applications, Methodology, Technology This paper presents the science of suicide bombing and explains the physics, explosive models, mathematics, and … Continue reading

Stand for the Banned (Books) during National Library Week

Did you know that The Catcher in the Rye, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and Brave New World were among the most challenged books in libraries in the last decade?? (Yep, since the year 2005!) On Monday, the … Continue reading

Denying Darwin: Views on science in the rejection of evolution

From Public Understanding of Science The Evolution Theory of Charles Darwin has met with considerable opposition, notably from religious circles since its day of publication. This article tries to understand the evolution controversy by reframing it as a phenomenon of … Continue reading

Research on Libraries in the Developing World (Highlights!)

As many of you are aware, this week is all about National Libraries, a chance to celebrate the value that libraries hold in society, and the amazing work of librarians who facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and learning. Since our … Continue reading