Free Access to 750+ journals, 1.3M articles, and the ultimate research guide through October 31!

Free Access to 750+ journals, 1.3M articles, and the ultimate research guide through October 31!

Once again, we’re delighted to announce the start of our annual one-month free trial to SAGE Journals and SAGE Research Methods, ...

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Welcome to SAGE Connection! Here are the most recent posts from SAGE and from SAGE Insight, our research news blog:

SAGE author wins Presidents’ Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge

SAGE is delighted to share the news that one of our psychology authors, Richard Crisp, was recently presented with the Presidents’ Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychological Knowledge by The British Psychological Society. The award is given to one individual … Continue reading

Celebrating Open Access Week 2014

Open Access (OA) week has become a key fixture of the international academic calendar. Now in its 7th year, OA week aims to share and increase awareness and understanding of the changing and challenging effects and new opportunities of OA … Continue reading

Who owns urban waste? Appropriation conflicts in emerging countries

From Waste Management & Research Managing solid waste in developing cities is not an easy task and many public policies have failed to bring the expected results. It is argued in this paper that comprehending the solid waste handling in … Continue reading

SAGE partners with Load2Learn to support dyslexic, partially sighted and blind learners

SAGE was delighted to recently announce an extended partnership with Load2Learn, an initiative by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Dyslexia Action to provide books in an accessible format for the visually impaired and print disabled.  With … Continue reading

Free NISO Virtual Keynotes: Timo Hannay on Embracing Technology & David Lankes on New Librarianship

What are some best practices for using the web as an e-content platform? How are librarians dealing with challenges, what new opportunities have been presented in recent months and what does the future look like? The NISO Two-Day Virtual Conference, “Using … Continue reading

What factors contribute to African American youth abstaining from offending?

The Discontinuity of Offending Among African American Youth in the Juvenile Justice System From Youth & Society Little is known about what factors contribute to African American youth abstaining from offending. This longitudinal study focuses on factors that decrease the … Continue reading

Open Access Webinar- "SHARE, CHORUS, and Open Access: What you need to know"

Open Access Week, an annual event that promotes a wider understanding of open access (OA) and the opportunities it provides, is just around the corner! Taking place this year from October 20-24, the week is celebrated through events, seminars, editorials, and … Continue reading

Media freedoms slipping in Eastern Europe

Mapping media threats: Rising attacks on journalists in the Balkans From Index on Censorship Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, hard-won media freedoms are on the decline in Eastern Europe, one of Europe’s leading experts says. “What … Continue reading

FREE Webinar: Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq

Today, SAGE was excited to announce the launch of Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq. This online courseware was designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a thorough understanding of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods as well as action … Continue reading

AERA Open Inaugural Editorial: What do we mean by "open"?

Last week, we were delighted to announce that AERA Open, a new scholarly journal from the American Educational Research Association (AERA), is now accepting article submissions (read the full announcement here). In an inaugural editorial about the journal, its new editors - Mark … Continue reading

Eleanor Roosevelt, a radio pioneer, perceived as both “ordinary” and “expert”

Eleanor Roosevelt as “ordinary” citizen and “expert” on radio in the early 1950s From SAGE Open   The 11th October 2014 marks Eleanor Roosevelt’s  130th birthday Following her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt ’s death in April 1945, Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady … Continue reading

Psephology - the study of elections: Ivor Crewe in conversation with Nigel Warburton for Social Science Bites

Psephology, a word both charming and antiquated, is the study of elections. Ivor Crewe, also charming but not so antiquated, is a studier of elections. The current president of Britain’s Academy of Social sciences and the master of Oxford’s University … Continue reading

Professor Craig Calhoun makes the case for an upbeat, unified social science

“I would wish we didn’t speak of the ‘social sciences’… I would wish we could be a little bit like our colleagues who speak of the scientific method – who speak of ‘science’ … we continually undercut social science by … Continue reading

Other governments should align with California climate change initiatives, governor says

Interview From Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists California Governor Jerry Brown says that climate change must take centre stage in the civic dialogue of America, and could prove a key issue in the 2016 US presidential elections. A long-term advocate … Continue reading

How can Video Improve Higher Education?

…and what is SAGE doing about it? “Visual literacy is a given for students today” Angela Carreno, Head of Collection Development, New York University. SAGE knows that video is an integral part of flipped classroom teaching, MOOCs, hybrid courses, and online … Continue reading