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Breastfeeding and Coffee Consumption in Children Younger than 2 Years

Breastfeeding and Coffee Consumption in Children Younger than 2 Years in Boston, Massachusetts, USA From Journal of Human Lactation Although introduction of inappropriate foods and liquids in early childhood and their association with breastfeeding is commonly reported in US children, … Continue reading

How to make your science video popular on Youtube

This article by Dustin Welbourbne and Will J. Grant originally appeared at The Conversation, under the title “What makes a popular science video on YouTube” Hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and hundreds of millions of … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial potential: The role of human and cultural capitals

From International Small Business Journal * WINNER OF INTERNATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS JOURNAL BEST PAPER 2014 * Human capital represents the knowledge and skills acquired by individuals through formal and informal learning as well as the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and … Continue reading

The latest Social Science Bites is here – Peter Lunt on sociologist Erving Goffman

Erving Goffman has been called the most influential American sociologist of the 20th century (although he was born and did his early studies in Canada) thanks to his study and writing centered on the social interactions of everyday life. In … Continue reading

Tips from a young SAGE Scholar: Jay Van Bavel

Once again, we are delighted to introduce you to another of the 2015 SAGE Young Scholars Award recipients. For the last spotlight in this series, we speak with Jay Van Bavel, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social Perception and Evaluation … Continue reading

New Congress Gets First Peek at Proposed NSF Budget

In an effort to keep our readers updated on federal research funding, we've borrowed this blog post from Social Science Space with permission.  It’s a new year and a new U.S. Congress, but “unpopular” science is again preparing to walk … Continue reading

Tips from a young SAGE Scholar: Jenessa Shapiro

In our penultimate profile of the 2015 SAGE Young Scholars, we meet Jenessa Shapiro, Associate Professor of Psychology and Management at UCLA. Find out more about Dr. Shapiro below. 1. Tell us a little bit about your current research. We are … Continue reading

Tips from a young SAGE Scholar: Nicholas Rule

We are delighted to share with you post number three of our series spotlighting the 2015 SAGE Young Scholars Award recipients. Today we meet Nicholas Rule, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Social Perception and Cognition. Read more about Nick below. Welcome, Dr. … Continue reading

Dementia, women and sexuality: How the intersection of ageing, gender and sexuality magnify dementia concerns among lesbian and bisexual women

From Dementia There is an emergent awareness that dementia is a gendered issue, disproportionately affecting women compared with men. However, so far very little attention has been given to the fact that this includes lesbian and bisexua1l women.  This paper … Continue reading

Tips from a young SAGE Scholar: Emily Impett

In post number two of our series spotlighting the 2015 SAGE Young Scholars Award recipients, we meet Emily Impett, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Check out some shared wisdom from Emily below. Congratulations, Emily, and welcome to SAGE Connection! … Continue reading

Esteem and Social Connections

Free article and accompanying podcast  From Journal of Social and Personal Relationships Social risk interacts with self-esteem to predict relationship-initiation motivation and behavior. However, because socially risky situations afford both rewards and costs, it is unclear which affordance is responsible … Continue reading

Tips from a young SAGE Scholar: Clayton Critcher

The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology (FPSP) and SAGE recently announced the SAGE Young Scholars Awards 2015 recipients.  Five awards are presented each year to young scholars representative of the broad spectrum of personality and social psychology research areas. "The … Continue reading

Quidditch: Impacting and Benefiting Participants in a Non-Fictional Manner

From Journal of Sport & Social Issues Throughout the years, sport and physical activities have constantly been adapted, reinvented, or even created from scratch. Often, the root cause of these innovations is the burnout or dropout among participants that occurs … Continue reading

Sir Ken Robinson gives a creative start to SAGE’s 50th Year

At the February 12 kick-off event in the U.S. celebrating SAGE’s 50th year, one of the most creative minds in the field of creativity in education addressed an invited audience of educators, innovators and philanthropists in Santa Barbara, California.  And … Continue reading

Study: Do team players win Oscars?

A study from the American Sociological Review was recently highlighted on Thomson Reuter’s Science Watch, which put out a list of scholarly papers featuring the academy awards. In honor of the paper and the Academy Awards, we've made the full study free to access for … Continue reading