Free webinar: Regional Issues for Banned Books in 2014

Free webinar: Regional Issues for Banned Books in 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 9am PT/12pm ET In 2013, there were 307 reported requests for books to be removed from America’s libraries, potentially ...

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The nature of Big Data - Are we in a data revolution?

“Big Data” is a term that has exploded onto our vocabulary as technology developments have led to what some have coined as a “data revolution”. Data, traditionally, was seen as a scarce commodity, but changes now mean that data is … Continue reading

The US air sea battle strategy developed in response to increased concern with China

Air sea battle A case study in structural inattention and subterranean forces From Armed Forces & Society American threat assessments increasingly view China as a major threat to the United States’ role in the Asia-Pacific region, to its commitments to its … Continue reading

200 Reasons why you should celebrate Banned Books Week

It’s Banned Books Week! Click the image below to watch nearly 200 ALA attendees (and counting) passionately advocate for literary works – like Diary of Anne Frank, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and Captain Underpants - that have been banned or … Continue reading

Summer Reading Series Part 4: How do professors’ personality traits affect student outcomes?

Earlier this year, visiting instructor at the College of Charleston and Inside Higher Ed blogger, John Warner wrote a piece on the importance of instructors developing closer relationships with their students. Inspired by a book titled, “How College Works” by … Continue reading

Cracking the Discovery Code - This year at ALPSP

Working in an industry that evolves as quickly as ours means that we need to be active in various conferences and seminars through the year. A few weeks ago, a number of the SAGE London team headed out to participate … Continue reading

Deadline Extended for Charleston Photo Contest!

What’s your favorite library tradition? New application deadline: Tuesday, September 23 The 2014 Charleston Photo Competition, now ending September 23, gives you the opportunity to share a little about your institution’s unique identity AND attend the Charleston Conference (what could be … Continue reading

SAGE Author Jennifer Eberhardt Receives MacArthur Fellowship

This piece was originally posted on SAGE’s Social Science Space Blog here and is re-posted here with their kind permission.  A social psychologist “investigating the subtle, complex, largely unconscious yet deeply ingrained ways that individuals racially code and categorize people” has been named … Continue reading

The rise of citizen journalism: A three-tier approach

Start making sense: a three-tier approach to citizen journalism From Media Culture Society The rise of citizen journalism has been a central theme in both popular and scholarly discourse surrounding the evolution of news making over the past half-decade. This … Continue reading

Why We Should be Glad Federal Tax Dollars Funded Rat Massage

Yesterday, SAGE was delighted to announce a partnering sponsorship of the Golden Goose Award (read more here). In honor of this announcement and the upcoming Golden Goose Award Ceremony (taking place this Thursday), we are publishing this post, borrowed from … Continue reading

The healthy newborn hydration model

The healthy newborn hydration model A new model for understanding newborn hydration immediately after birth From Biological Research for Nursing Promoting breast-feeding and preventing dehydration in the newborn are important, but often considered competing health objectives.  Formula supplementation is a common … Continue reading

Academic Library Friends: Win a trip to the City by the Bay and ALA

Are you an academic library staff member working in development? Are you interested in finding out all that the ALA conferences have to offer?  If so, apply for The United for Libraries/SAGE Academic Friend Conference Grants to win a trip … Continue reading

Environment & Urbanization: Special issue on climate change

Special issue From Environment & Urbanization There are two new urgent challenges facing city and municipal governments: they now have to add climate change adaptation and contributions to mitigation to their policies, plans, regulatory frameworks and budgets. This is one … Continue reading

Podcast: How do "ugly" initial results turn into beautiful articles?

This piece was originally posted on SAGE’s Management Ink Blog here and is re-posted here with the kind permission of Management Ink Editors.  By Cynthia Nalevanko, Editor, Management INK In the latest podcast from Journal of Management, Ernest Hugh O’Boyle Jr, lead author of the article “The Chrysalis … Continue reading

Unveiling the American-Muslim press

Unveiling the American-Muslim press: News agendas, frames, and functions From Journalism This study compares the coverage of two major American-Muslim publications, they reveal themselves to be overwhelmingly UScentric, focusing on domestic political and community affairs rather than the so-called ‘Muslim … Continue reading

A dream come true — an academic Friend’s first ALA Annual Conference

This article was originally posted by Chapman University Digital Commons here. It covers the experience of Essraa Nawar, recipient of the United for Libraries/SAGE Academic Friend Conference Grant. By Essraa Nawar, Development Coordinator, Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University, Orange, CA. It all started when I … Continue reading