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A new type of journal article from the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS) is pioneering a new article type in order to promote key research and, ultimately, improve the health and welfare of cats worldwide. The articles, JFMS Premier Reviews, are pivotal, state-of-the-art review papers. … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Special Issue: Southern Feminisms

Guest editors: Celia Roberts and Raewyn Connell From Feminist Theory This special issue of Feminist Theory is a collection of contemporary feminist research and analysis from the postcolonial world. The collection highlights the geopolitics of knowledge in feminism and illustrates … Continue reading

5 tips for aspiring social media savvy academics

Social media has become a key forum in academia for the sharing of ideas, enabling users to interact instantly, make new connections and forge new research and communication paths around the world. But how can you effectively engage with these … Continue reading

0n SAGE Insight: Toward an antifibrotic therapy for inflammatory bowel disease

From United European Gastroenterology Journal Fibrosis in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a largely unresolved clinical problem. Despite recent advances in anti-inflammatory therapies over the last few decades, the occurrence of intestinal strictures in Crohn’s disease patients has not significantly … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Student Engagement as the Predictor of Direct and Indirect Learning Outcomes in the Management Education Context

From Metamorphosis Educational leaders are accountable for assuring and demonstrating the achievement of learning to different stakeholders, such as government, recruiters, parents and students. Therefore, they have to focus on the academic and developmental experience of students and to improve … Continue reading

What do award-winning textbook covers look like? Check out these 2 examples

We are delighted to announce that SAGE’s Reconceptualizing Qualitative Research and CQ Press’s The Logic of American Politics, 7th Edition have been honored by the PubWest Book Design Awards and The Publishing Professionals Network, respectively.           … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Special Issue: Health and Safety for Informal Workers

Guest editors: Francie Lund and Rajen Naidoo From NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy This special edition of New Solutions presents a fundamental challenge to the field of environmental and occupational health and safety (OHS). This … Continue reading

Assessment in the Library: Measuring ROI

Whether dedicating time to organize programs and exhibits or purchasing literature that better serves students and faculty, libraries are constantly investing time, money, and resources. But how can libraries use data to determine their return on these investments and showcase … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Thought-time, money-time and the conditions of free academic labour

From Time & Society The aim of this paper is to extend the general critique of academic capitalism to the changes in the nature of academic work time it is bringing about. It is argued that university teaching and research … Continue reading

A Milestone for the Mainstreaming of LGBTQ Studies

Originally published on Social Science Space August 2016 Although lesbian and gay studies have been a recognized academic discipline for more than a generation – the first undergraduate program in the U.S., for example, is reckoned to have started in … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Education for Sustainable Development: Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation Expertise in Developing Countries

From Journal of Education for Sustainable Development Sustainable development goals can be advanced through education. Science education that prepares the coming generations for a future that includes sustainable, stable and thriving social and economic development will require multidisciplinary skills. The … Continue reading

"How to Turn Researchers into Research Managers" webinar recording with extra Q&A

Originally published on MethodSpace August 2016 Let’s deal with the bad news about becoming a research manager first. Research management is hampered by the old-fashioned approaches taken by many universities, great researchers don’t necessarily translate into great manages, and there’s not … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Casting the lean spell: The promotion, dilution and erosion of lean management in the NHS

From Human Relations Lean manufacturing (or ‘lean’) is one of the world’s most influential management ideas. Champions such as high-profile gurus argue that lean principles are appropriate to all kinds of organization in both the public and private sectors. This is … Continue reading

Reflections from the 2016 Essex Summer School

By Luke Field This year, for the first time, I attended the Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis. The School runs for six weeks, broken up into three two-week sessions, based in the Colchester campus of the University … Continue reading

On SAGE Insight: Online Special Issue: Agnes Heller

Guest Edited by John Rundell From Thesis Eleven This online special issue is a collection of papers written by Agnes Heller for Thesis Eleven. These works extend over a period of 35 years and were written in the context of … Continue reading