How to Promote Your Publication at a Conference

By Camille Gamboa, PR & Conventions

From Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro to London and all the way over to Sydney, SAGE attends more than 280 conferences each year across the globe. While as a publisher we work hard to promote books and journals at each of these conferences, as an author, your additional promotional effort can make a world of difference. Here are some tips for making the most of your publication at conferences:

  • Display your publication – If you are planning to attend the conference yourself, and know that your publisher will have a booth there, contact them to ensure your book or publication will be on display. While displaying publications is not always possible, publishers will make every effort to ensure their authors are supported. To help them in this endeavor, give them about six weeks or more of notice before a conference to make sure your publication or other materials have ample time to get to the conference.
  • Request promotional materials – If you are attending a conference that your publisher is not attending, ask them for flyers or any other promotional materials that may have been made for your publication. Again, to make sure they have adequate time to accommodate the request, give them about six weeks or more notice before the conference begins.
  • Use social media resources – Many societies today have a facebook page or group that is dedicated to their upcoming convention. If it is encouraged, leave a comment on their wall mentioning that you will be displaying your new book. Also, if the conference is encouraging tweeting, be sure to mention your publication using the appropriate hashtag to reach conference-goers.
  • Talk it up – If you are presenting at a conference, make sure to talk about your new publication in such a way that your audience will come away with some new insight that they can learn more about by reading your complete work. Also, don’t forget to include the name and relevant publication information for your book or journal in any biographies you submit to conference organizers.

SAGE’s marketing and editorial staff work hard to display appropriate, timely books at every conference. Because of limited space, we typically only take the latest books published or revised within a field.  We hope when you have a new or revised book coming out that you will actively engage with our editorial and marketing staff to make sure it goes to the most appropriate conventions.

Have your own personal experience promoting at a conference and want to share some tips? Leave a comment!

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